• Clearvale Release December 2017
    Created by Gabriella Jarratt, Dec 21, 2017
    Updated by Gabriella Jarratt, Dec 21, 2017
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    A Clearvale Release was made available December 20th 2017. This release contains the following enhancements and bug fixes:


    Change in text of email invitation

    Previously when a user was invited to join Clearvale, the email invitation contained information such as the email address of the person being invited and of the person inviting, in addition to other information. Now the text of the email invitation contains the minimum permitting the user to register.


    Enhancement to Forums

    Clearvale 2016 r2 introduced a feature allowing for replies to comments in forum topics (and other content types). The new release now allows email notifications to be triggered (if the notification is appropriately set) when a reply is added. Furthermore, the reply is not collapsed (as it was in the previous release).


    New API's to manage Community join requests and invitations

    The following API's have been implemented to manage community join requests and invitations to join communities. Administrators and Supervisors will have access to this information via the following API's

    • communities.get_all_invitations: Get all invitations in waiting state in all communities.
    • communities.get_all_join_requests: Get all join requests in waiting state in all communities.


    Community bulk loading feature

    When creating a community, it is possible to bulk import community members from an external file. In previous versions, once the community had been created, the bulk loading feature was no longer available. The new release allows you to use this feature once the community has been established.


    Community permissions on content editing and deleting

    It is now possible for community Administrators to set permissions on creation and deletion of content created within the community. To access these permissions you have to be a community administrator and then go to the Edit Settings link of the community. Then select the appropriate settings


    Tag Cloud Enhancement

    In previous releases, tags had to be manually added and edited. The current release will suggest some predefined tags and recently used tags to use and in using them the auto-complete functionality is applied. This is an example:


    Better performance of "Site Statistics and Logs" feature

    The Site Statistics and Logs option of the Clearvale Management Centre, can now better handle large amounts of site data.