• Clearvale Release Planned for December 20, 2016
    Created by Lisa Braz, Dec 20, 2016
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    A Clearvale release is planned for December 20, 2016, 11:00 PM, PST (December 21, 7:00 AM, UTC). The release contains the following improvements and bug fixes:


    Support for pre-defined content tags. You can pre-define tags that you want associated with new content for your network or for a particular community:

    • To define a set of network-level tags, select Admin>Network Administration and add the tags in the Default Network Tags field:

    • To define a set of community-level tags, go to the community and click Edit Settings for the community. Scroll down to the Default Community Tags field and add the tags for the community.

    When adding content at the network level, you can choose one or more of the pre-defined tags from the Default Network Tags drop-down list.



    When adding content at the community level, you can choose one or more the pre-defined, community-specific tags from the Default Community Tags drop-down list.



    Note the following about using pre-defined tags at the network or community level:

    • Pre-defined tags are available for blog posts, files, wiki pages, forums, forum topics, and polls.
    • If you delete a pre-defined tag, any content with the tag retains the tag until manually remove or change it.
    • You can add custom tags as you have in the past simply by typing them into the Tags field.

    Content tags now visible on content detail page. In the past, content tags were not always visible on the content detail page for some content types. In this release, content tags are always displayed on the content detail page, regardless of content type.



    Support for SAML 1.1 user authentication. This release provides support for SAML 1.1. Previously, Clearvale only supported SAML 2.0. To configure your network to use SAML 1.1, select Admin>Authentication>SAML. The SAML authentication configuration page appears and includes a toggle for the SAML 1.1 settings at the top of the page:



    Click 1.1 under SAML Version to toggle the display to show the fields to set for SAML 1.1.


    Ability to reuse old Clearvale login IDs. You can now free up previously used Clearvale login IDs so that they can be reassigned to new users. When you free up a user ID, the original user is renamed in Clearvale as deleted<date>_<login-id>.


    For example, if you have a user with the login ID, the user would be renamed as  The login ID can then be reassigned to another user.


    Reassigning Clearvale login IDs is handled in the Clearvale Management Center under the Site User Management tab. You must have the role of Operations Manager to be able to reassign login IDs.



    The sample upload file looks as follows:



    The first column indicates the name to reuse and the second column indicates whether the original user should also be disabled within Clearvale. The default value is yes.


    You’ll receive an email message from Clearvale confirming the login ID changes.


    Improved display of network members. The Admin>Member Administration page has a new setting that lets you show just the active members of your network.



    When Only Show is set to All Active, members marked as Disabled are hidden from the display.


    To  see all members, including those marked as Disabled, set Only Show to All Roles. Or, to see just members marked as Disabled, set Only Show to Disabled.


    The default behavior is to show only the active members of your network.


    Customization of tables using CSS overloading. You can now customize the look of tables on Clearvale pages. Tables appear on pages where a list of data is returned, such as the list of files on the Files page or the list of forums on the Forums page. You can overload the columns in the CSS to change the look of the table. For example, for "Forums" you can see that the class of the table is named "col_2_table forum"


    <table class="col_2_table forum" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0">
    <th style="cursor:pointer;" onclick="tableStyleEntityListSort('topic')">


    You can overload the columns in CSS using something like:


    #forum table.col_2_table tr td:nth-child(n)

    You can customize the following tables:



    "class" definition



    class="col_2_table members_table">



    class="col_2_table content"



    class="col_2_table groups_table"



    class="col_2_table forum"



    class="col_2_table reports_table"



    class="col_2_table userfolder"

    Participants Groups


    class="col_2_table groupmembers"

    Community Participants in Communities


    class="col_2_table groupadmin"

    Manage Participants in Communities


    Twitter widget improvement. Improved the Twitter widget so that you no longer need to generate a Twitter widget ID within Twitter. You have the following options when defining the widget:

    • Timeline. Enter the Twitter username for the person whose tweets you want to display in the widget.
    • Favorites.  Enter the Twitter username for the person whose Twitter favorites you want to display in the widget.
    • List. Enter the Twitter list owner and list name to show a Twitter list in the widget.
    • Search.  Use this option if you want to continue using your Twitter widget ID that you generated within Twitter to determine the contents of the Twitter widget in Clearvale.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed problem on Japanese of search not indexing text within the HTML <font face> tag. (9795)