• Clearvale Release on July 7, 2016
    Created by Lisa Braz, Jul 7, 2016

    A Clearvale release is planned for Thursday, July 7, 2016.  The release contains the following improvements and bug fixes:

    • Support for second-level replies in forum topics. When someone replies to a forum topic, you can now reply to their reply.  


    Click Collapse to hide the second-level replies. Hidden second-level replies look as follows:


    Expand the second-level replies by clicking the Reply link.

    This change applies to all forums, including those at the network level or within a community.

    • If you have a hybrid network, guests can now report feedback on a network by using the Feedback link in the upper-right corner of the network page. Feedback is sent to the network administrators and moderators via an email message.
    • If you paste a lot of data into the Clearvale text editor, you are warned if the verbose HTML reaches the size limit for the post. 
    • You are now prevented from dragging and dropping images into the Clearvale text editors since this is not supported. Previously, you could drag-and-drop images, but were prevented from saving the changes.
    • On the My Chats page, fixed the wording to be consistent when you have no chats.
    • When removing someone from a chat, they now receive a notification informing them that they have been removed from the chat.