• FAQ: Managing Members
    Created by Lisa Braz, Dec 2, 2009
    Updated by Lisa Braz, Aug 1, 2011
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    Who should I invite to my network?

    Each network is different. Think about the purpose of the network and who are the right people to participate. For example:

    • Is this a network for just your coworkers?
    • Is this network for customers? Or potential customers?
    • Is your network for a specific department?

    Your network needs people who are able to add content as well as people who will be reading and "consuming" the content.

    How do I invite members to my network?

    After you set up a network, you need to invite members to it. You do this by signing into your network as an Admin user and clicking Members>Invite Members. Specify the email addresses of the users to invite. Assign the user a role, usually Writer. Also, add them to any communities that are relevant to them. If you have many users to invite, you can bulk upload a file of email addresses.

    Why don't I see the members I just invited listed under the Members tab?

    Members are not added to the network until they accept the invitation by clicking the link in the invitation email and follow all the steps of joining the network.

    The people I invited didn't receive the invitation. What happened?

    It could be the person you invited did not receive the email due to one of the following reasons:

    • Have the person check their spam filter. If the spam filter blocked the email address, it could be as easy as adding the network email address to the approved list of senders. This was the address used in Admin>Network Administration. Resend the confirmation in Pending Invitations to complete the registration process.
    • A firewall could be blocking the email. IT or their service provider may have to help resolve the problem.
    • The invitation may have expired before they joined the network. Invitations expire after 7 days. If that is the case, resend the invitation.

    Do I need to create a member profile?

    Member profiles are useful in a Web 2.0 environment. For example, you might have a colleague who resides in another office; his profile might contain information about a project he just finished—one similar to the project you are just starting. Profiles allow colleagues to connect and share information that they might not otherwise in the typical Web 1.0 (“one-way” communication) environment. And, you can always control the amount of information you share.

    What if someone joined my network that I do not want?

    Administrators can disable members from the network at any time. To disable a member, select Admin>Member Administration. Find the member, and change their Role to Disabled. This member can no longer sign into your network.

    Can I create a custom invitation to send to invitees?

    If you are using Clearvale Enterprise, select Admin>Email Templates to create your personalized invitation. Pay special attention to the variables defined in the template such as, %NETWORK%, %LINK%, %TIMEOUT_DAYS%, and so on. These variables will be assigned a value when the invitation is sent. If removed, your invitation may not be successful.

    Why do I see an "invalid email" message after trying to invite network members?

    If you are using Clearvale Enterprise, your network might be defined to require that members have an email address with a certain email domain. (This is specified on the Admin>Network Administration page.) In this case, members must have an email address that matches the domain(s) specified for the network. So, if your network is limited to the "BroadVision" domain, you cannot invite members who do not have a BroadVision email address. If you try to invite members with a Yahoo or GMail address, it is considered invalid.  If you want to open your network up to people with different email addresses, remove the email domain restriction.

    Carolyn Donovan

    Is there a way to completely remove a disabled member?

    Say if someone no longer works at the company, I don't need a listing for that person at all.

    Jan 10, 2012

    Lisa Braz

    Carolyn, There is no way to just delete a network member. When you disable a member, they can no longer sign into your network. Any content, however, that they published on the network remains. If you want to delete some of their content, you need to do that manually.
    Their profile is still visible to network administrators. Other members in the network can no longer see the profile.

    Jan 10, 2012