• FAQ: Managing Content
    Created by Lisa Braz, Dec 2, 2009
    Updated by Lisa Braz, Aug 1, 2011
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    How do I get started adding content?

    Think about what kind of content that you want to add to your network: documents, images, videos, blogs, forums, and so on. Then, decide the best place to add the content. If it pertains to all network members, place it on the main page of the network. If it is specific to a group of network members, consider adding it to a community.

    How should I organize my files?

    Clearvale provides several tools to help you organize your files:

    • Use folders to organize your personal files.
    • Use folders within communities to organize community files.
    • If you are using Clearvale Enterprise, you can create folders for network-level files.

    Why can't I make content appear on the home page of my Clearvale Enterprise network?

    The administrator of your network controls how content appears on the home page of the network. They can configure the site so that blog entries, forum topics, files, images, and videos automatically appear on the home page of the network. Alternatively,  they can configure the site so that content does not appear on the home page by default and instead the administrator hand-picks the content that appears on the home page. In this case, you need to work with your administrator to edit your content so that it appears on the home page. Or, you can request administrative rights and make the changes yourself.

    I would like to place a blog within a community.  Is this possible?

    If you are using Clearvale Enterprise, then you can include a blog within a community. First, add the Blogs widget to the community. Then, click the Add Blog Post link in the footer of the Blogs widget. When you add a blog post in a community in this manner, Clearvale assumes you want the blog to appear in the community and pre-selects to share the blog with the community.

    Why can't I add content to a network?

    You might not be logged into the network. Check the title bar and make sure that you see your name and that you do not see the Login link. If you are sure that you are logged into the network, you might be assigned to Reader role. If you have the Reader role, you cannot add content to the network. If you have the Reader role, you can provide comments on other members' content, participate in polls, send messages to other network members,  create bookmarks, and update your profile (assuming that these features are available in your network).